Lots of work to do

Lots of work to do

It’s been a really cool month for StoryArcana. In the past 3 weeks since we’ve started talking openly about the project, and it’s been pretty amazing. We recently won Ask GameDev’s Community Game of the Month, we started auditions for voice talents in collaboration with TanuKey Studios. We’ve been featured in this indie game spotlight video by ClemmyGames.

On top of all of this, we’ve been collecting feedback from the first teaser and taking it into consideration immediately, with changes to the story, setting ,characters & gameplay. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but there’s been a lot of changes to try to set the game’s world apart from other wizard school settings.

The student’s lounge where Azufelt students meet up and chill before morning assembly.

We’ve also been contacting animators and animation studios to potentially get an opening animation done for the game!

I’m also in the midst of setting up and branding our team and I can’t wait to unveil that.

Finally, the game’s development has been on-going and moving along great.

Thank you for all of you whom have supported us since we’ve announced StoryArcana with the teaser a few weeks ago, and all of those whom have cheered us on with follows, likes and wishlists. The support has been greatly appreciated.

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