The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New

Welcome to StoryArcana’s Development Blog!

The story takes place within the first year of these wizard’s, Ester Quilt and Clay Quilt, attendance in the academy. You’ll make friends, learn magic spells – each with an actual intricacy, and uncover small and large mysterious about the world of Azure.

StoryArcana, is a single-player RPG, centered around the story of two wizards, born in the human world, but who received their acceptance letters to Azufelt, Academy of the Arcane, a little late..

StoryArcana is still early in development, having started this project early 2019. I hope to update this blog with development as time goes on! If you’re interested in supporting development, do subscribe to the blog to see progress updates and any announcements in the future. I promise not to spam you!

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